Dave White

Dave White is a British contemporary artist who has been an inspiration to me for a very long time. His work is expressive, explosive, colourful, creative and truly shows what he loves. I love his work because his colours are bold and vibrant and his work also looks as if they have their own personality. I also love the way he allows his work to freely drip, this almost gives the painting motion, making the painting look like it’s alive.

Dave uses acrylic and oil paints and paints vertically to allows the paint to drip as he is working. In an interview, he mentioned he likes to draw the things he loves including cheese burgers. I love how he does this as a lot of the time, people will feel they draw the things that they ‘have’ to draw. You can tell he has drawn the things he loves because his art is expressive and bright. This speaks love to me.

Dave uses oil paint as he feels it is unique and he connects with it, that oil paint reflects his ideas and personality. In a way i understand this relationship because i feel the same when using ink or water colour and fine liner.

Overall i love his work as it is warming and exciting.

In my group in art, we created a sculpture that was influenced by Andy Goldsworthy. We wanted to create a dome with a hole in the top to represent a ‘black hole’ which was popular in his sculptures.

In my group in art, we created a sculpture that was influenced by Andy Goldsworthy. We wanted to create a dome with a hole in the top to represent a ‘black hole’ which was popular in his sculptures.

Andy Goldsworthy

Watching a documentary about Andy Goldsworthy, I got to see into his work and the meanings behind his work. It was great to see how he created his sculptures with such patience and how he could change the earth around him to create an almost perfect sculpture.

One of his main influences within his art work is the sea and rivers. This showed in his work how he used a flowing line swirling inside and out just like a snakes moving body. This flowing swirling shape gives the look of motion, which also shows that he feeds of motion for his art work. His art work also shows his understanding of nature.

In part of his documentary, when trying to create a sculpture made from rocks, he unfortunately lost balance within his sculpture, however he explained that every time he started all over again, he got to know each rock a little bit more, as if the rocks had personalities and he was starting to understand the various personalities of the rocks. This makes it seem as if there is life in everything that is part of the natural world.

I find his art work very inspirational mostly because i like how his art work flows, i also find his patience very inspirational as patience is a very hard skill to learn.

Jackson Pollock Workshop

After researching Jackson Pollock’s art, we decided to have a go ourselves at his technique. At first, we experimented with different types of paint to use, to see which ‘dripped’ continuously the best. We also experimented with how we applied the paint, by flicking, drooling and swirling the paint brush around over the paper.

We found out that using a thick paint would splodge onto the paper, however by adding water or glue, this would help to thin down the paint and would be easier to apply any paint onto the paper like Pollock did. Pouring paint also worked to recreate Pollock’s look, however only if you had the right consistency and poured the paint close to the paper.

When we figured out the right consistency to use for the paint to consistently pour onto the paper, we went up and down on sections of a long piece of paper and applied the paint. We did this using the different techniques we experimented with, and by doing it in different speeds.

The final look of our art work looked very creative and easily shows how we have all been inspired by Jackson Pollock. I like working with his technique because it makes me feel free and you can’t make a mistake as all movements in the art work are random. I also prefer being messy with my art work so i feel this suited me greatly and this style of art will most likely influence me in the future.

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock was an American painter who used the abstract expressionist art movement. He was known mostly for his ‘drip’ style of art where he would dribble the paint along a canvas that was placed on the floor. He started this style of work in 1947. This style of painting was also known as ‘action painting’. Before, Jackson would use a paint brush on canvas, whereas after his art style changed, he would never let the paintbrush meet the canvas, only let the paintbrush hold the paint to dribble onto the canvas.

Jackson’s art work, before the change of style, was greatly criticized by the media and other artists. This put a lot of pressure on him to do better. With the new change change and experimentation, an article in ‘Life Magazine’ praised his new art work and he then became greatly popular, with one man shows lined up and many interviews to show off his work. With this new success in the art industry, he continued with the ‘action painting’ and grew his fame. He was known as one of the most important figures in the art world.

His art work was very powerful and showed a lot of expressive emotion. This style of art could have been showing his feelings through his paintings, for example the splashes and explosions of paint could have represented his depression and suffering in his personal life and his art work could have therefore been a release of emotion to him.

Overall Jackson Pollock’s art work was and still is a great influence to artists, and will always be seen and one of the most important figures in the art world.image